8-18 Deestone D413 G-1W TT View larger

8-18 Deestone D413 G-1W TT



The Deestone D413 rear traction tires are engineered to deliver grip on wet and soft soil. They feature angled tread bars for self-cleaning capability and traction. The optimized lug spacing and shape enhances surface contact to improve as well as stability. A strong nylon casing combines with tough lugs to improve endurance and resistance to wear. The tires are made of rubber compounds that last long and perform reliably in field conditions.



  • Provide superior performance in wet and soft soil
  • Enhances self cleaning properties
  • Ensures maximum durability
  • Protects wheels from damage


  • Curved lugs minimize rolling resistance and improve stability
  • Rim guard protects wheel from damage
  • Tough carcass construction to improve durability
  • Increased tread depth
  • Lug angle
  • Strong nylon casing
  • Specially designed Rim guard

Tire Specs:

  • Size: 8x18
  • Load Rating: 94
  • Ply Rating: 6
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,480lbs
  • Max Tire Pressure: 28psi
  • Tread Depth: 34/32nds
  • Rim Width: 6"
  • Sect. Width: 8"
  • Overall Diameter: 3342"

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