9.5-24-BKT TR135 R-1 TT



Agricultural Bias R-1 Rear Tractor tire Best Suited for Soil Tillage and Spraying Applications. Some Sizes and Versions also Suitable for Excavators, Trailers and Harvesters.


  • Ensure better traction, stability and a comfortable ride on the road
  • For longer life and can also be used for haulage purposes


  • Dual angled tread lugs* HD version has stronger casing and superior tread compound* Self-cleaning properties
  • Delivers a smooth and quiet ride which makes it ideal for road and field applications
  • Exceptional self-cleaning capabilities that allow you to work efficiently without worry of any debris getting stuck in between the lugs
  • Excels in many types of soil and road conditions

Tire Specs:

  • Size: 9.5x24
  • Load Rating: 112
  • Ply Rating: 8
  • Max Load capacity: 2,47069lbs
  • Tire Pressure Max: 41psi
  • Tread Depth: 38/32nds
  • Rim Width: 9"
  • Sect. Width: 9"
  • Overall Diameter: 42"

Depending on tire size - These tires have a 6 or 8 Ply Rating

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